5 Seconds of Summer Are Adorable Superheroes in Adorable New Video


Guys guys guys. 5 Seconds of Summer — our favorite boyband of boys who actually play instruments — have an adorable new video in which they pretend to be superheroes. And there’s a cat!

Things of note:

  • Luke’s voice sounds great, especially during the breakdown at 2:32
  • Ashton is still dressed like Josh Brolin in the Goonies, which is awesome, A+ work
  • Mikey is wearing a t-shirt with the word “IDIOT” on it and it appears that he wrote it himself
  • I remain, as always, TEAM CALUM

The boys (feel free to call them “Fivesauce”) also performed at the Billboard Awards last night. They did a pretty good job, even though they seemed super nervous. They nailed the jump at 2:39 though!

We love them, okay? We love them. Except for Mikey, who continues to seem like the guy who will eventually be arrested for actually being 28 posing as 18 and having a whole bunch of bomb-making materials in his basement.

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