50 Cent Says Bullet Lodged in His Tongue is 'Great for Oral'


There’s a famous story about 50 Cent’s life before he became a successful rapper in which he survives getting shot nine times at close range. What people may not know is one of those bullets remains in his body, and specifically inside of his tongue. 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, says the bullet is “great for oral.” Excuse me, Curtis?

The rapper appeared on Friday night’s episode of The Graham Norton Show, reports Us Weekly. After telling Norton and the other guests (which included Kate Winslet) how the fragment in his tongue affects his speech, he claims, “It’s great for oral sex,” and jokingly described himself as, “a better man now.”

This wild woman named Julie Waters got curious. “Let’s have a feel, Fifty” said the 65-year-old English actress. Then he pulled Waters close and let her feel the bullet in his tongue with her finger (through a tissue). I blushed.

According to NME, the rapper released a video and short film for “9 Shots,” a song inspired by the 2000 incident. The track will be featured on his upcoming album, Street King Immortal.

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Image via BBC.

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