7th Heaven Dad's Alleged Underage Victim: "His Penis Was at Eye Level"


Stephen Collins, the man who played the firm but gentle father on 7th heaven, shoked the world when it came out that he’d exposed his genitals to at least three underage women. Now one woman, April Price, has come out to tell her story in a painful interview with The Daily Mail.

According to Price, Collins exposed himself to her on several occasions when she was 13 years old. He was living in the same apartment complex as her aunt and when Price came to visit she could barely contain her excitement over the fact that one of her idols was willing to set up her Atari for her. But then Collins exposed himself to her over and over again, making her terrified and confused about what to do. She hadn’t even kissed a boy her own age yet, Price recalls, so how could she process a grown man standing in front of her naked with his penis at the same level as her eyes?

From the interview:

‘Then, one day I was in kitchen cooking breakfast and I look up and I see Mr Collins walking through the courtyard, right in front of my aunt’s big bay window. He was completely naked. He had no clothes on whatsoever. He had a wad of clothes in his hands.’
‘I was taken aback. That was strange. Wow. Who would do that? At the time, I didn’t think it was necessarily sinister really, but I thought it was odd. It was not like he tried to cover up. He knew I was there while he was naked. He could see me there.’


‘I don’t know at what point he did it, but when he turned around, his pants were completely unfastened. His penis was hanging out and I’m just shocked. He doesn’t make any mention of it. He doesn’t act any differently.’
‘So I decided to play along and didn’t say anything either. I just acted like it was not out, which was weird because it was hanging out of his pants.
‘I kept my gaze at eye level. I didn’t want to be rude. He was doing something for me. He was fixing something for me. I didn’t want him to think i wasn’t appreciative of that. He’d fixed my Atari and went home.
‘So again, i just let it go. It felt really strange but he’s been in France. Maybe he just can’t stand to have clothes on for any more than ten minutes.

Damn, look at all those mental gymnastics she had to do to comfort herself after being violated by a grown man. And that’s not all. Price also told The Daily Mail that Collins invited her to his apartment and she went (she was 13 and starstruck). At his apartment, Collins exposed himself to Price once again, going into his bedroom and returning completely naked and his penis at eye level.

Collins has apologized to both Price (she met him years later when he was on 7th Heaven) and America (when he was on Katie Couric), but he’s not a victim here, no matter how hard he cries. The victims are the underage girls to whom Collins exposed himself to. The ones, who like Price, probably had to explain to themselves why someone they respected would do something like that. And they’re the only ones that deserve any sympathy.

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