80-Year-Old Nabs $326M Lotto Win Thanks to His Wife's Backseat Driving


A retired principal just won the largest lottery jackpot in New York history, because his wife insisted the weather was too bad to drive and they ought to stop until it improved.

The New York Post says 80-year-old Harold Diamond and his wife, Carol, had just voted and were embarking on an evening out, when they reassessed:

“My wife and I were driving to Middletown for dinner after voting on election day but the weather made us rethink our plans,” said Diamond, who was principal of George L. Cook Elementary School in Monticello before retiring in 1995.
“My wife insisted we stop here to eat and wait for the weather to clear, and I reluctantly agreed.”

He was polishing off his sandwich when he noticed a sign advertising the Mega Millions, noticed the payout was looking “exorbitant,” and figured why not. His reaction upon realizing his numbers matched the lucky numbers: “When I saw the last number, I yelled up to my wife—’I think we won a few bucks!'” He gives her (a retired math teacher) the credit: “If it weren’t for her insistence, we would not be here today.”

And that, gentlemen, is why you should always listen to your wife’s backseat driving. You never know when it might win you $326 million.

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