90 Day Fiancé Explores Reality-Star Upkeep During Lockdown

90 Day Fiancé Explores Reality-Star Upkeep During Lockdown

Monday’s 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined, which features self-shot footage from some of the reality TV franchise’s most notable personalities, featured an update from the endearingly high-maintenance Darcey Silva. In her segment, her twin sister, Stacey, joined her at her Connecticut home for a spa day that quickly devolved into a comedy of errors that involved a botched manicure (and an acetone-stained dining-room table) and the removal of hair extensions with pliers.

As we ponder the great deflation and what upkeep means in a time when one can no longer rely on others for assistance in such endeavors, it is clear that for some it simply means chaos.

The episode also checked in with Chantal (who lost her sense of smell and taste, leading her to assume she was infected with covid-19) and Pedro, as well as Caesar. You may remember the latter’s particularly tragic turn on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, during which he was stood up in Mexico by Maria, a Ukrainian woman he had been communicating with (and sending money to) for years, but had never met. On Monday’s Self-Quarantined, Caesar claimed that he flew to Ukraine to finally meet up with Maria for closure. He said that they met and she was kind to him. They took several pictures together, which were no longer on his phone by the time he got on his plane back to America.

Ah, the old “for some reason, uh, they got erased, you know, they got erased” excuse. Classic.

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