A Diva Never Forgets A Snub

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A Diva Never Forgets A Snub
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It is no secret that the Recording Academy is currently a hot mess. And by hot mess, I mean an alleged breeding ground for sexual harassment, misogyny, and racism.

I certainly don’t need to search for any more justifications for my red hot hatred for the Grammys, but Mariah Carey, the Queen of Christmas herself, has taken it upon herself to give me yet another reason: their continual disrespect of her vocal (and songwriting!!) brilliance.

And the shade is deserved. Despite receiving 34 nominations over the past three decades (though none since 2009??????), Mariah has only been awarded Grammys 5 times. Discrimination, harassment, AND choosing to repeatedly overlook one of the only real divas left whose skill actually justifies her attitude? I’m good, thanks. [Twitter]

Problematic (white) feminist icon Gloria Steinem recently told a story of the time she almost crossed paths with now convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein.

“There was a friend of mine who was trying to do a film, a civil rights film and everybody said to me, ‘Oh, only Harvey Weinstein will do this,’” the 85-year-old explained.

Knowing what we currently know about Weinstein’s long history of assault and abuses of power, it is GRIM to hear that this is the man that “everybody” said would be the only one to produce a civil rights film.

No one else with influence in all of Hollywood wanted to tell a story about marginalized people’s resistance? Just Weinstein? Yikes.

Steinem says Jane Fonda warned her about Weinstein but didn’t expand on why. “She never said why,” Steinem said, “but I understood why it was not a good idea.”

I personally have many questions about the film in question. Chiefly, whether it ever got made with a different producer or if the project was shuttered entirely because Weinstein was the only producer who was recommended to Steinem. Again, yikes. [Page Six]

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