A Dog Named Diamond Is Running for Mayor of Schenectady, New York



The local Daily Gazette has the scoop. Kathy Fitzmaurice, 13-year-old Diamond’s “campaign manager,” explained:

“She feels the current administration is putting politics first as opposed to what is best for Schenectady,” Fitzmaurice said.
Diamond is running as a write-in candidate for mayor and, according to Fitzmaurice, feels it’s important to work with everybody to implement change in the city.
“She feels she could do a better job at breaking down the barriers in the community to tap into all of the resources everybody has to offer,” said Fitzmaurice, who owns the Katbird Shop on Liberty Street. Diamond’s campaign also calls for lower taxes and a fire hydrant on every block.

But Diamond isn’t the first animal candidate in Schenectady. She follows canine politico Loffredo, who ran in 1999, as well as cats Sparky and Roger, who ran in 2007 and 2011—both of them managed by Fitzmaurice.

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Photo via Shutterstock/Susan Schmitz. Not actually Diamond but OMG dog in a hat!

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