A Horror Film Where Women Are Forced To Give Birth


Pregnant girls are kidnapped from an abortion clinic and forced to carry to term. Horror film or wingnut fantasy? Both?

The Frisky calls The Life Zone a “pro-life horror film,” but it looks pretty pro-choice to us. All of these girls are forced to have babies by anti-abortion creeps who accuse them of attempted murder? And one of the girls even proclaims her constitutional right to an abortion.

We get the confusion. After all, director and film festival organizer Kenneth Vecchio also happens to be a former municipal judge resigned his post when State Supreme Court advised him not to promote his film “O.B.A.M. Nude.” Talking Points Memo described it as “a movie about a coke-addled college student who sells his soul to the devil in order to impose his socialist will on the country.” Perhaps his political philosophy isn’t particularly coherent.

A few news items from the past day or so will disabuse anyone who thinks this movie is wildly far from reality:

  • In a speech today at the “Faith And Freedom” conference, presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann accused Planned Parenthood of “committing crimes and enabling young, minor girls and covering up issues I don’t even want to talk about because it’s so disgusting?”
  • A more “moderate candidate,” Tim Pawlenty, is still trying to decide whether or not women should be penalized, or just doctors, when abortion is made illegal.
  • An Idaho woman faces felony charges and possible prison time for taking pills she bought online to induce a miscarriage. She said she could not afford an abortion and thought she was 14-16 weeks along, though when the fetus was found, authorities said it was as much as five to six months along. Idaho recently banned abortions after 20 weeks.
  • Iowa Republicans snuck back into a budget bill a failed measure that would eliminate the rape and incest exceptions for abortion being covered by Medicaid.

We’re just getting started. Interestingly, a recent poll found that “Americans feel Congress has focused too much on abortion and not enough on things like preventive care, reproductive health and expanding access to birth control.” But where’s the rhetorical, “babykilling” fun in that?

Poll: Public Tired Of Abortion Debate [Politico]
The Life Zone, A Pro-Life Horror Movie [The Frisky]

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