A Lesser Royal Weighs In on the Harry and Meghan Drama

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A Lesser Royal Weighs In on the Harry and Meghan Drama
Image:Valery Hache (Getty Images)

It must be a slow news week in Monaco, as Prince Albert II took a minute to entertain a question about the superior royal family during a BBC interview. During the segment, Albert, who is the son of Grace Kelly, was asked what he thought about Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview, seemingly the only topic worth discussing in royal circles. Although he could relate to Harry’s frustrations with his family, Albert noted that he was “bothered” by the interview because “these types of intimate conversations should be held in the intimate quarters of the family.”

When will this royal on royal feeding frenzy come to an end!?

As a peasant, it is incredibly entertaining to watch monarchs pick sides: either bending over backward to defend Queen Elizabeth or show the tiniest support for Harry and Meghan. Albert’s half-hearted attempt at relating to Harry—a fellow prince and son of a globally beloved woman—would be a little more believable if he didn’t immediately pivot to the Fight Club argument: the first rule about being in a royal family is that you don’t talk about being in a royal family.

On today’s episode of Things I Just Learned Existed: the “corporate arm of the Crips LLC.” According to TMZ, the Crips, one of the oldest and most revered gangs in America just settled their lawsuit with the estate of late rapper Nipsey Hussle. Shortly after the rapper’s death the Crips filed a trademark for Nipsey’s slogan, “the marathon continues.” However, his estate argued that the family already owned “several ‘Marathon’ trademarks themselves.”

Nipsey’s estate sued the gang in response, “seeking monetary damages and a judgment directing the Crips company to destroy any merch it had made with the trademarks.” But on Thursday, the estate filed paperwork with an LA court stating a settlement had been reached with the Crips and formal settlement details are forthcoming.

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