A Running List of House Judiciary Republicans’ Most Embarrassing Tweets

It's time to make fun of some nerds who can't use social media to save their lives.

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Photo: L: Screenshot of @JudiciaryGOP, R: LM Otero via (AP)

Tweeting is an art form. Being pithy, interesting and/or funny about politics and other very serious news items requires actual functioning brain cells, which the House Judiciary Republicans (@JudiciaryGOP) apparently just do not have.

It’s mostly a retweeting account with special attention to every media appearance by Rep. Jim Jordan (R), the committee’s ranking member who has a bad tweeting problem of his own. Yet, occasionally the poor press assistant or lowly aide with an iPhone (or perhaps Jordan himself?) decides to create some original content on the bird app—and by god, it just always sucks ass on so many different levels.

I am boring tweeter, to be honest, but at least I’m not embarrassing. So even though I live in a glass house, on some level, I will absolutely be throwing stones about how mindblowingly stupid and/or shitty the tweets of this official, blue-checked Congressional account manage to be. Let’s take a look at its greatest hits.

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