A Running List of John Fetterman’s Very Best Burns of Dr. Oz

Pennsylvania's Democratic nominee for Senate absolutely bodies the former TV doctor every single day, and we cannot stop laughing.

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Photo: Left: Keith Srakocic, Right: Matt Rourke (AP)

It is unwise to stan politicians, but there comes a time when we must stan their ingenious campaign staffers (which, sure, said candidate had the wherewithal to hire). Specifically, as someone born and raised in Pennsylvania, I am here to applaud the digital team of the Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania’s open senate seat, John Fetterman.

Fetterman has the best social media presence of a politician that I’ve ever seen, and it’s gotten even more hilarious since Dr. Mehmet Oz—yes, that Dr. Oz—(barely) won the Republican senate primary.

The campaign has been highlighting the stark differences between Fetterman and Oz. Pennsylvania’s current lieutenant governor, who lives in a converted car dealership in a former steel town, supports ending the filibuster to codify Roe v. Wade, and wants to legalize marijuana. Oz, by contrast, is a Trump-endorsed, anti-abortion multimillionaire who has long lived in New Jersey and only bought a house in Pennsylvania to run for Senate. (Oz is still registered as a New Jersey voter and incorrectly spelled the name of his “hometown” in his statement of candidacy.)

There are the subtle digs, like tweets about Oz shilling “bogus diet pills” and Fetterman’s ActBlue donation link featuring a photo of Oz about to kiss his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame—but the best content remains the sick burns. Here is a collection of social media owns that have likely sent Oz reaching for the aloe vera.

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