A Tribute to Floor Is Lava Contestants Falling Into the Abyss


Netflix’s Floor Is Lava is simply the latest in a long line of TV shows that I can’t believe were greenlit and yet I somehow cannot look away.

Based on a children’s game where players walk on furniture and act like the floor is, you guessed it, lava, the show features three teams of competitors jumping on floating objects and scaling walls to avoid falling into the “lava.”

The show’s lava is apparently a proprietary recipe that was chosen after testing at least 50 different mixes, but to me, it looks like a big pool of warm red Kool-Aid. Ohhhhh, yeah!

The most fascinating thing about the show is that it’s unclear what happens to the contestants once they fall in. People unlucky enough to wipeout during the game are swallowed up by the lava pit, never to be seen or heard from again (except for if their team wins overall, where they magically reappear in a room where the host announces they’ve won $10,000 split three ways and a lava lamp).

Watch the video above for some Floor Is Lava highlights and let me know if you can figure out where the contestants go once they become one with the lava.

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