Adele Cancels All Shows, Cancer Rumor Hits Twitter

Earlier this month, Adele canceled all of her US tour dates. Now the UK shows have also been canceled. And a rumor has spread on Twitter that the singer has throat cancer. The hashtag #prayforadele has been trending, with fans stupidly spreading and perpetuating the cancer rumor. A rumor that has not been confirmed, at all.

Journalist Chas Newkey-Burden claims that he is Adele’s biographer. He has tweeted, “I’m telling you the cancer rumour is false.” Still, Adele is supposedly suffering from a vocal cord hemmorage, which is “considered a vocal emergency.” Here’s hoping she can recover from whatever ails her without also being plagued by lies.

Adele Cancels All 2011 Concerts As Rumors Of Throat Cancer Flood Twitter [NYDN]
Adele Fans Panic As Cancer Rumor Sweeps Across Twitter [BBC America/Anglophenia]
Adele To Have Surgery To Treat Vocal Cord Hemorrhage. What Is It? [LA Times]

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