Adorable Photos of Zoo Animals Eating Popsicles During Heatwave


In zoos around the world, animals are keeping cool with specially-made popsicles, depending on their species. Whatever food is part of their diet is turned into a frozen treat: goats like fruit pops, lions and tigers eat “blood-sicles,” polar bears eat “fish-sicles,” and there are even “mice-sicles” for animals that like mice.

Nuka, an eight-year-old polar bear cools off with frozen fish at the Detroit Zoo.

Otters eat cricket pops at Zoo Atlanta.

A little baby goat goes after a fruit-sicle at Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire, England.

A lion licks a block of frozen blood at Taipei Zoo in Taiwan.

Xander, a sun bear living at Zoo Atlanta, paws at frozen fruit.

A gorilla at Zoo Atlanta contemplates his carrot-and-fruit pop.

Tigers at the Dallas Zoo are spoiled with this designer ice pop sculpture.

Look at this thing!

Pandas at the National Zoo in D.C. get a mixture of frozen fruit and bamboo.

A sloth bear cub at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago snacks on frozen grapes and avocado.

A chimp at the Chattanooga Zoo in Tennessee keeps trim with Crystal Light pops.

Elephants at the Houston Zoo in Texas are treated to frozen watermelons.

A tiger at the Phoenix Zoo in Arizona chomps on frozen fish.

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