Adorable: The Cartoon Arthur Is Doing a Downton Abbey Parody


Well, this is cute: The PBS Kids cartoon Arthur, which has been on the air for approximately six million years, is doing an episode that riffs on Downton Abbey. It will be called “Fountain Abbey,” and you can see a brief preview above. Way to keep it on-brand, PBS!

That’s according to the New York Post, which provides this plot summary: “In the episode—premiering Jan. 26—the animated aardvark and his friends get transported back in time to the English estate after the prissy Muffy discovers that her great-great-grandmother, Mary Alice, wasn’t royalty after all, but a common maid.” Genealogy’s a ruthless crusher of dreams, Muffy.

“PBS is committed to engaging families with content that is educational and entertaining and this new episode of Arthur is no exception. Fountain Abbey promises to delight not only children, but an entire generation of Arthur fans that grew up with the series and can appreciate the humor and fun of the Downton Abbey-inspired references,” Lesli Rotenberg, who runs kids’ programming for PBS, told UPI. So wholesome I don’t even know what to do with myself.

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