Adorable Tiny Huge Baby Elephant Born After Longest Damn Pregnancy Ever


This new bebe oliphant was born October 18 at the Whipsnade zoo in the UK. Azizah, the mother of this 228 pound bundle of joy, was pregant for nearly 2 years. Apparently the normal gestation period for Asian elephants is 22 months — a seriously long time — but Azizah was pregnant even longer than that. Oddly enough, the newborn happens to be the smallest baby elephant ever born at Whipsnade. Zooborns reports:

Keepers were initially worried the pint-sized pachyderm would not be tall enough to reach his mum’s milk, but he quickly learnt to get on his tip-toes and has had no problem feeding.

Gah! Adorable. The giant little guy doesn’t have a name yet. Any suggestions?

Longest Pregnancy Recorded, Smallest Baby Elephant Too! [Zooborns]

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