After 12 Years, Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach Finally Did It

The Barbie director had a city hall wedding with Baumbach and was telling everyone within earshot at Billy Joel’s Tuesday concert. Love that!

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After 12 Years, Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach Finally Did It
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2023 was a big one for Greta Gerwig, who single-handedly saved the economy with Barbie, shattered pretty much every record set by a female or male director ever, welcomed her second child, and, on Tuesday, tied the knot with long-time partner, writer Noah Baumbach. Truly, how do you beat a year like this…?

Gerwig and Baumbach, who co-wrote Barbie together, share two children, and have been in a relationship since 2011, reportedly had a city hall wedding sometime on Tuesday. By Billy Joel’s Tuesday night concert at Madison Square Garden, Page Six reports that their spies overheard the newlyweds telling everyone within earshot that they’d gotten married just before arriving. I love that for them! Honestly, relatable as hell. I could never have a secret wedding, I simply love to gab!

“They were both glowing and celebrating. They are so happy,” a source told the tabloid of Gerwig and Baumbach. This source described Gerwig as wearing a white suit skirt and jacket “[looking] like a bride,” while Baumbach “looked handsome in his suit.”

Gerwig and Baumbach have been engaged since 2020, though the couple has never offered any indication of wedding plans or a timeline. In fact, the same year they got engaged, Gerwig told James Corden she avoided calling Baumbach her “fiancé” because of the implication that a wedding was “imminent.” Well, not three years later, here we are!

Baumbach has previously been married to actress and screenwriter Jennifer Jason Leigh, and their divorce—or at least Baumbach’s perspective on it—is said to be the inspiration for Baumbach’s A Marriage Story. Alas, here’s hoping he won’t find any ~inspiration~ for a sequel…

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