Pregnant Woman Indicted For Baby's Death After Being Shot

Pregnant Woman Indicted For Baby's Death After Being Shot
Photo:Pleasant Grove PD

An Alabama woman who was shot in the stomach, resulting in the death of her five-month-old fetus, was indicted on a manslaughter charge by a grand jury. The reason? She started the dispute that led to her getting shot.

Initially, police charged 23-year-old Ebony Jamison for shooting 27-year-old Marshae Jones in December of 2018 outside a Dollar General in Birmingham. But according to, a police investigation determined that it wasn’t Jamison who was to blame for the shooting—it was Jones, for starting it:

“The investigation showed that the only true victim in this was the unborn baby,’’ Pleasant Grove police Lt. Danny Reid said at the time of the shooting. “It was the mother of the child who initiated and continued the fight which resulted in the death of her own unborn baby.”

Reid added that the fight began over the unborn baby’s father, and that the investigation found that Jamison was defending herself.

Reid’s latest statement reiterates what he said at the time of the shooting, which was:

“When a 5-month pregnant woman initiates a fight and attacks another person, I believe some responsibility lies with her as to any injury to her unborn child,’’ Reid said. “That child is dependent on its mother to try to keep it from harm, and she shouldn’t seek out unnecessary physical altercations.”

Alabama recently passed a near-total ban on abortion, and it’s not unheard of for a woman to face jail time for miscarrying. While shocking, this case clearly delineates in the most gruesome terms what we already know: That women’s lives are not valued.

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