Alert: Spider-Man Is Allegedly Dating Someone Who Is Not Zendaya

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Alert: Spider-Man Is Allegedly Dating Someone Who Is Not Zendaya
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I am a bad gossip columnist who did not even know that Zendaya and Tom Holland were maybe dating, but: they were, or they might have been, now they are definitely not, and Spider-Man is maybe dating someone else. Love, as always, is very dead, or at least complicated!

TMZ reports that Holland, 23 (OH GOD), was photographed “cuddling up with a beautiful blonde” at the British Summer Time Hyde Park Festival in London on Sunday. She was “rocking a Gwen Stacy vibe,” per TMZ—because all blonde-haired women are exactly the same apparently—though she wasn’t identified, which is prooooobably for the best, considering Twitter went apeshit when they found out Holland maybe sort of possibly could be who knows has a girlfriend.

Perez Hilton has a roundup of many tweets, most of which look like this:

Whoever is dating whom, I hope Tom Holland, who, again, is (GASP, WHY) 23, is very happy and handles his partner’s heart with care. [TMZ]

Michael Sheen, whose upcoming FX show’s set I accidentally cut through on my way to Central Park today, is expecting a baby with girlfriend Anna Lundberg. He did a nice tweet:

IMO all babies are antichrists, because of their powerful lungs and the surprising strength with which they kick you in the face when you are their teen babysitter and trying to change their diaper for $15 an hour. But they are cute. Congratulations to the Sheens and the baby. [Us Weekly]

  • Ne-Yo considers his hats to be his children, which I respect. [Page Six]
  • Former Bachelorette contestant Robby Hayes and Siesta Key’s Juliette Porter have broken up. [Us Weekly]
  • Rachael Leigh Cook got divorced. [Daily Mail]
  • A Real Housewi[fe] had a baby. [People]
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