All Ashley Madison Could Afford for Super Bowl Advertising Is This Sleazy Newspaper Ad


Ashley Madison, the attention-starved company that aims to facilitate extramarital affairs, has released a fairly gross, Super Bowl-themed print ad (what is this, 1985??) in the San Francisco Examiner. The ad features a lady ref wearing a mini-skirt. Two football teams leer at her while she flips a coin that, quite frankly, is far too large for her hand. Based on these unrealistic proportions, it seems pretty obvious that Ashley Madison’s founder Noel Biderman has taken a time machine back to the middle ages and enlisted a monk who dabbles in graphic design to handle all of the Ashley Madison print ads.

Biderman claims that the the NFL rejected an Ashley Madison Super Bowl commercial directed by a Civil War-era daguerreotypist, but AdWeek is pretty sure that Biderman is full of shit — there’s no way his company could afford such a pricey parcel of advertising real estate. So, to remind us that he’s still lingering at an airport lounge for that special lady who will have a torrid love affair with him in his airport Hilton business suite, Biderman released a full-page newspaper ad, like a real lothario.

Ashley Madison Crashes the Super Bowl Again with Sleazy Print Ad [AdWeek]

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