Alleged Cartel "Queen" Gets Botox In Prison, Maintains Youthful Visage


So, you’ve been incarcerated in a Mexican prison for allegedly running an international drug cartel. That’s no reason to have frown lines on your face!

The Mexico City District Attorney’s Office is investigating a tip from a prison staffer about Sandra Avila Beltran getting a botox injection on January 10 at the Santa Martha Acatitla prison. CNN reports prison employees have been accused of falsifying an access request form on Beltran’s behalf, saying a doctor was going to perform an electrocardiogram, when he was actually tending to her beauty needs.

Beltran was arrested in 2007 on drug trafficking, money laundering and conspiracy charges, but seems she thinks there’s a good chance she’ll be out soon. Hmm… maybe not. She’s suspected of organizing a shipment of 9,291 kilograms of cocaine from Colombia to the U.S. (That’s 20,483 pounds for those of us who refuse to make our lives easier with the metric system.)

Well, according to our extensive knowledge of prison life (gleaned from watching The Wire), “You only do two days. The day you come in, and the day you get out.” Apparently Beltran would like to look exactly the same on both days, even if she winds up serving lifelong sentence for heinous crimes against humanity.

Mexican Prison Boss Sacked After Alleged Trafficker Gets Botox In Her Cell [Guardian]
Mexican Authorities: Reputed Cartel ‘Queen’ Got Botox In Prison [CNN]

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