Alleged Rapist Kodak Black Keeps Making Creepy Comments About Lesbian Rapper Young M.A


You might think that someone who is facing a trial for allegedly raping a teenage girl while she repeatedly told him to stop wouldn’t be making public comments alluding to more forcible sex, but then if you were talking about rapper Kodak Black, you’d be wrong.

In February, Kodak Black released a song called “Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy,” in which he proclaimed, “I go Young M.A on these dumb bitches/Like a dyke man, you niggas can’t fuck with me.” The song made reference to having sex with several women rappers who have been rumored to be queer (like Dej Loaf and Missy Elliott), as well as Young M.A, who is an out lesbian: “I don’t even see the confusion/I’m fuckin’ Young M.A, long as she got a coochie/Say she got the strap and the toolie, say she put the crack in her booty.”

The thing is, he’s not fucking a lesbian if she has any say, so the song is a flagrant rebuke of the very concept of consent. Or a homophobic troll. Or both. Regardless, these are quite stupid things to say ahead of a rape trial, which is reportedly set to begin next month.

Live-streaming Sunday on Instagram, Young M.A (best known for her 2016 smash “OOOUUU”), responded to the lyrics, calling him “weird” and saying, “Obviously he’s on some shit.”

Black responded to her response, also on IG Live, doubling down on the harassment of a woman who wouldn’t be interested if he were the last lazy-tongued rapper on earth: “I just wanna be the homie. I just wanna be the forever homie in the cut, vibing… Whenever you make up your mind up, I’m here.” And then he made a slurping sound with his jutting tongue before continuing: “I’m talking about bae so cute!”

At another point, he appeared to be addressing her again by asking, “How you a girl, but don’t want your pussy penetrated?”

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