Amber Portwood Goes To Jail


Last night’s episode of Teen Mom finally showed Amber Portwood’s felony arrest for neglect of a dependent and domestic battery. (Although TMZ-type paparazzi are shown chasing her outside of the jailhouse, she refers to them “local news.”) She was ordered to spend the night in jail before being released, upon which she was issued a no-contact order regarding her ex Gary Shirley, meaning they can’t communicate at all — although she is permitted to see her daughter Leah.

With all ties to her co-parent cut off, an obviously sad and lonely Amber reaches out to her mother, expressing a desire to work on their relationship and end the cycle of “drama.” It remains to be seen how that works out, but we do know that things are going to get a lot worse for Amber before they get better.

In other Teen Mom news, can you believe that Farrah already pawned that fucking dog off on someone else?

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