American Hero Nonchalantly Adjusts Boobs Before Baseball Game Selfie


Before this video, I thought there were only two reasons to go to a baseball game: One, to eat as many garlic fries as possible before vomiting and 2, arguing with the people in front of you about something of no actual consequence. Now I know there are three reasons to go. The third reason? Glorious, shameless, selfies.

Embed was removed for legal reasons
Since I (very proudly) know nothing about sportsball, I had to go to Uproxx to learn that this beautiful moment of humanity (and I am not being ironic here), happened Sunday at the Cubs-Brewers game. This woman? She’s making much better use of her time than everybody else at that game combined. Did you see how she just pushed away the guy trying to get into her shot? She untagged you real hard, dude.

Go on with your bad self, selfie-lady. And best of luck to you, too, Lady Who Is Clearly Browsing Hinge or Tinder In The Background. Here’s hoping that someday love will find you.

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