American Splendor, American Odd, At American Violet

In previews, American Violet, which premiered last night at Hollywood’s Pacific Design Center, looked super-harrowing. But the premiere was all glam! Nicole, Alfre, Erica and friends made it work – mostly.

The Good:

Erica Hubbard is basically just wearing the most amazing wedding dress ever, from a wedding that would be completely tasteful with no cowering in your seat away from an emcee intent on breaking the fourth wall and embarrassing as many guests as possible.

The peerless Alfre Woodard always looks totally comfortable in her own skin, shoes.

Regina Kelly is rocking total mom drag and, as that one judge from So You Think You Can Dance might say, I LOVE IT!

The Bad:

When I put Nicole Beharie in “bad,” I really mean “disappointing.” Because, let’s face it, she’s stunning, and this is her breakout role, and she can wear a long sweatshirt any time!

What Say You?

Karimah Westbrook’s disco dirndl: oddly successful, or successfully odd?

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