Americans Bravely Banding Together to Pay U. of Cincinnati Cop's Bail


Between screaming over the death of Cecil the Lion and wondering where the dentist who killed him went, America has also raised bail money for the University of Cincinnati cop who fatally shot black man Samuel DuBose during a routine traffic stop. Cool, cool.

On Thursday, according to WCPO TV, Ray Tensing was fired by the University of Cincinnati police, pled not guilty to murder charges in connection to the death of Samuel DuBose, and then was released on $1 million bail. Tensing’s father put up bail for his son, which was $100,000, ten percent of the $1 million sum—but he didn’t have to!

Calls are apparently pouring in to Tensing’s lawyer Stew Mathews offering to fund the former cop’s bail and legal fees, despite the public watching him shoot DuBose earlier this month on video via his body camera.

“I’m not prepared to do anything like that, but there are a lot of people who are prepared to help,” Mathews told WCPO. “His family is attempting to raise it through family members. I’m not sure where we are with it.”

Meanwhile, Tensing had been under suicide watch while behind bars and he’s reportedly “not doing well.”

“There have apparently been some serious threats made against my client,” he said. “(Tensing) is almost like a zombie. This morning, he asked me several procedural questions, which I answered, and then a minute later, he asks me the same questions like it’s not registering. He’s kind of in a trance.”

Maybe next week we can go an entire seven days—at least five?—without a white cop killing a black person, just maybe.

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