Amy Hoggart Does It for the Laughs


Amy Hoggart doesn’t care if you think she’s funny, but she’s pretty sure that you will. On her new show, It’s Personal with Amy Hoggart, the host spends each episode giving real folks advice on dealing with issues ranging from grief to body image. Although Hoggart doesn’t claim to be expertly qualified in any of these areas, the series’ blatant willingness to admit this fact is what makes it entertaining.

“You’re meant to watch it and think, ‘Oh god, should she be helping these people?” Hoggart tells Jezebel. “But it always works out.”

Hoggart can claim some level of expertise in one area: comedy. In the show’s pilot, she helps a very serious businesswoman named Laura discover her sense of humor, while also highlighting the obvious disparity in the way society responds to a man or woman trying to crack an unfunny joke.

“If I were to give advice to women who find themselves funny,” she says, “I would just be like, ‘You’re going to have reservations and insecurities about it. They’re not going to go away. So just try and do it.’”

Watch Hoggart discuss her show and life as a comedian in the video above.

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