Amy Poehler Has Some Great Ideas For New Lady-centric TV Shows


Amy Poehler’s string of great speeches continues! This time, she tackles the fact that she’s the first woman to win Variety’s Power Of Comedy award (of course, she’s only the award’s second winner, as it started in 2010) by pitching some women-centric comedies to the networks that we actually might want to watch. (Lord knows they haven’t been able to come up with any television of much value for us this season.) Her ideas include the self-explanatory I Really Don’t Give A Shit How Your Fantasy Football Team Is Doing Just Take The Kids Somewhere and That Really Hurts, a series that “teaches couples how to improve communication in the bedroom.”

Come for Amy’s greatness, stay for the steamy kiss between host Will Ferrell and award presenter Nick Kroll. This video is full of all kinds of awesome.

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[Via Gotcha Media]

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