Amy Poehler Is Not Amused by Your Halloween Pranks


If you’re planning on buddying up to Amy Poehler anytime soon, it’s probably best that you don’t use pranks to endear yourself to her. She’s having none of it. NONE OF IT.

Yesterday, Poehler sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to watch some of Ellen’s favorite, fan-submitted pranks and here’s how Amy felt about it:

I hear you, sister. Pranks are the worst.

While on Ellen, Poehler also talked about her Golden Globes prep.

“I have a little pre-game ritual,” she joked. “I go to a ranch for two weeks. No talking, no food. Just juice. And then I consult my astrologer. Then I go in a cave and I just lie on the ground and I have people just shout jokes into the cave…And then I just drive my solid gold Porsche right into a brick wall and I prank call Sandra Bullock.”

Always so exciting to hear about the process of a genius.


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