Amy Schumer Feels 'So Bad' About Eating Junk Foods. And Little Else.


Last night on her eponymous show, American hero Amy Schumer tackled the pesky habit women have of assigning moral value to themselves based on what they eat. In some circles, it’s known as “food shaming.” Predictably, it’s hilarious.

The scene: Amy and her ladyfriends are having lunch together, and the topic of conversation devolves into one woman verbally self-flagellating over their failure to stick to a diet of naked lettuce leaves and skinless chicken thigh gaps. The other women assure the confessor that she’s not bad, because she’s totally skinny. Things escalate from there.

Inside Amy Schumer
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It’s a pretty crowded field, but I’d say this is my favorite comedy sketch that ends in cannibalism so far this year.

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