Amy Schumer's Late Night Interview About Her Late Night Interview Parody


Amy Schumer’s sketch from her show Inside Amy Schumer parodying the inane dynamic between late night television hosts and their female guests seems to have struck a nerve. So to bring it all full-circle, she discussed the bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday night, denying that it had been about any one host in particular.

“I have to say, as the host of a talk show, I got a kick out of that vicious parody of what we do every night,” Kimmel told Schumer.

“This one, it was not about anyone specifically honestly,” Schumer replied. “People were like, this is about Letterman, or Conan,” before surprisingly noting that “nobody said you,” which she thought was due to the fact that Kimmel isn’t “flirty.” Well, not for lack of trying, right?! BA DUM CHA, I’ll be here all night with Paul Shaffer on drums!

Schumer went on to express her dissatisfaction with the stories celebrities tell on these shows, like tales of their expensive vacations most of America could only dream of being able to share. She mirrored a sentiment Ellen Degeneres once hilariously discussed with Letterman during a visit to The Late Show; the pair commiserated over how boring some of their guests are:

“What I’m having a hard time with is it’s the same questions over and over and over again, and it’s the same guests. Some of them, you know, the inside voice is ‘wow, you’re still working?’” she told Letterman. “I thought, you’re going to be a talk show host, you just talk, how easy is this gig? Until you realize some [guests] are better at acting, some people are better at a script.”

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