Amy Sedaris Tries Tinder and It Is Spectacular

“Do you know Frank Ocean? He is music!”

On her new web series, Seriously Distracted, Amy Sedaris plays JD, a high-powered PR exec with significant personality flaws and what looks like the remains of Donald Trump’s combover on her head (does that also count as a personality flaw?). With a crack team of three assistants — who the hell needs three assistants? And doesn’t one of them look like she just stole Claudia Kishi’s aesthetic — and the latest cellular phone on the market, she’s ready to take on the world and the monumental task of finding a stepfather for Serena (who might be a child or a dog…). But will a Freudian swipe kill her dream? ::soap opera music::

You should watch it just for the hair. And Claudia Kishi’s aesthetic.

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