An Appreciation of Omari Hardwick’s Ass In Power


Omari Hardwick is a beautiful human and also the star of Power, a series about the underbelly of the drug business that’s currently in its second season.

Hardwick plays the show’s main character James “Ghost” St. Patrick, a major New York City drug dealer who dreams of leaving the game behind to run a legitimate club business. In the midst of all this is his wife Tasha (Naturi Naughton) and his FBI side chick Angela (Lela Loren). In the midst of all that is a whole lot of boning. A lot.

In fact, the amount of sex between black and Latino actors on screen on Power is remarkable even for cable. As Stereo Williams wrote for The Daily Beast in a piece about the black sex on Power: “The big black buck and the voluptuous black harlot are caricatures that African-Americans have been burdened with consistently; but there is also a tendency to present black people as nearly asexual in response to those images. The idea that a black person can’t be sexualized in any context only further dehumanizes black people and marginalizes black sexuality.”

Not only are the sex scenes on Power hot as hell, they’re also groundbreaking. In the process, Hardwick’s/Ghost’s Emmy-worthy ass is thankfully given the screen time it requires. Herewith, an appreciation.

Here, Ghost’s buns during a bang session with his wife Tasha the morning after opening night for his club, Truth. It’s our first shot of the ass in all its glory.

Here’s Ghost’s ass leaving the scene.

Here’s a glimpse of Ghost’s glorious gluteus before he hops in the shower. It’s the day after Tasha has seen him talking to his high school sweetheart Angela at Truth, and she needs reassurance that nothing shady went down. “Ain’t no reason to trip,” says Ghost. There is a reason to trip… over that ass.

Here’s Ghost’s muscular rear having sex with Tasha the morning after a dinner date. Campfire’s strip club anthem “Only If You’re Tippin’” plays in the background as they do it, but Ghost’s mind is on Angela the whole time. His head isn’t in it, but his ass is.

Here’s a post-coital quickie of Ghost’s ass after sex with Angela, who he’s started seeing on the side. As their affair gets hotter, she and her FBI team are digging deeper into an investigation of Ghost’s drug circle. Dangerous liASSions.

Here’s Ghost’s butt posted up against the window of a hotel, with the city as a beautiful backdrop for that ass.

Here’s Ghost’s cheeks in episode eight of season two. Note his hands grasping Angela’s feet as she wraps her legs around his ass. Hello, Emmys?

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Images via Starz (gifs by Bobby Finger)

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