Angel Haze and Sia Get Heavy in New Video for 'Battle Cry'


Having resolved the drama involved with her record label, Angel Haze’s video for her song “Battle Cry” is out now. It features Haze rapping while looking upon younger versions of herself, and Sia.

“Battle Cry” is a heavier message than some of Haze’s past work, though certainly not all of it. The video touches on her Pentecostal Apostolic upbringing and deals with issues of child abuse, a message Haze is taking to heart. The blurb below the video directs those who “are affected by any of the themes of this video” to donate to Child Helpline International, a nonprofit organization that supports and creates tools to communicate with children in need around the world.

Though the intense content hasn’t been received well everywhere, if we’re to take the lyrics of the song seriously, Haze probably doesn’t care:

And you never let ’em kill you
You take take everything they give you
And throw it right fucking at ’em
And tell ’em it doesn’t build you
And no it don’t ever break you
And no it can’t overtake you

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