Anita Hill Encourages Entertainment Industry Workers to Take a Survey on Workplace Sexual Harassment

Anita Hill Encourages Entertainment Industry Workers to Take a Survey on Workplace Sexual Harassment
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Anita Hill has made a short video encouraging those working in Hollywood to take a survey detailing their experiences with workplace sexual assault and harassment.

In the video, Hill encourages those in the entertainment industry to “Join the thousands of people who have already taken the Hollywood Commission survey. The information we gather is anonymous and will be used to develop best practices and policies that we hope will become the standard throughout the entertainment industry.”

Now chair of the Hollywood Commission on Eliminating Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality, in 1991 Hill testified at his Supreme Court confirmation hearing that her former boss, Clarence Thomas, repeatedly sexually harassed her in the workplace. During her testimony and for years afterward, Hill was subsequently raked over the coals by politicians, including Joe Biden, who has since apologized for his treatment of Hill, and the media. Despite Hill’s testimony, Thomas was confirmed as Supreme Court Justice.

The Hollywood Commission, formed in the wake of dozens of sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein, seeks to “Establish a baseline regarding the current culture of the entertainment industry, against which the Hollywood commission can measure and evaluate future program effectiveness,” according to Deadline. The survey asks entertainment industry workers about their experiences with workplace sexual harassment, assault, and abuse, as well as questions around which resources might be most helpful, from better education about consent and power dynamics to designated hotlines for reporting.

First launched in November, the survey was slated to run for four weeks but has been extended to through awards season. To date, around 10,000 people have responded.

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