Anna Wintour Doesn't Want to Go to Work Because of Rats


As our brother site Gawker has diligently reported, Condé Nast’s office has a rat infestation. This is pretty common with new buildings, though it might seem at odds with the “new” nature of them; rats get in during construction, which gives the critters a significant amount of time to claim their turf before people move in and try to occupy the same terrain.

But usually–as was the case with the new New York Times building a few years ago–this issue is tackled eventually. As the New York Daily News reports, however, the Condé Nast rats are not getting the hint that they are not welcome: they have “taken over” a larger portion of the office:

“A bunch ate through the ceiling of a sports editor’s office and crawled all over his desk and left poops on his keyboard,” said a different source. “They ate through his rug to fit under his door.”
We’re told that Conde has sent a memo to their staff in the building telling them that “they cannot eat at their desks” and that a complaint to the city’s health department is next on the agenda.

Things have gotten so bad that Anna Wintour–who originally wouldn’t move downtown until she was assured that her office was rat-free–reportedly doesn’t even want to go into the office. Well, I can’t speak for my whole company, but as far as I’m concerned, those at Condé concerned about the issue are welcome at Gawker Media any time. We’re a little cramped right now but our only current issue is that we’re low on green tea and I have it on good authority that’s being handled.

Image via Mark Lennihan/AP

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