Another Day, Another Dumb Neologism: Beware Of "Chexting"


Yesterday we were introduced to “hegan.” Today, it’s “chexting,” and its close friend, “brexting.” No, really.

When I first heard chexting, I thought, “Mmm. Chex Mix.”

Hortense said, “Chexting sounds like a fake ’90s teen movie word for throwing up: And then Brandon totally chexted all over the cafeteria floor. It was so not rufus. I could have died! My ‘rents were totally grossed out when I told them.

Anna N. explains, “I thought maybe it was someone cheating by writing checks to his lover!”

Quoth Sadie: “I keep thinking, for some reason, of people wearing matching checked suits!”

“Brext sounds medicinal. Or violent,” says Irin. Anna N. counters: “Actually, to me it sounds like a sort of Scandinavian cracker/crispbread. Like Ak-Mak. it sounds dry and crispy and like my mom would eat it for lunch.”

According to an email from a PR company, chexting is cheating on your wife via text message. Brexting is breaking up via text message. Thanks to Jesse James and Reggie Bush, these words exist (at least according to the press release in our inboxes).

Of course, sexting has already been covered. But here are the terms yet to come:

bexting: Texting your bff.

dexting: Sending a short message while on a deck. With dexterity.

hexting: Casting spells or curses via SMS (“a px on ur fmly,” etc.).

mexting or texmexting: Typing a text message while eating a burrito.

vexting: Sending messages while feeling terribly vexed.

The point is: Chexting can go with hegan, jeggings and twilebrities… right into the tran (that’s trash can.)

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