Another Day, Another Great Rodarte Collection


Rodarte, with its balance of high-concept artistry and plain-old covetability, has become a can’t-miss show. And the Mulleavys’ latest collection — an eclectic, sexy mix of structure, romance and contrast — was no exception.

The Mulleavy sisters cited Redwood forests as an inspiration. In some cases this was taken literally, as in the whimsical wood-grain prints.

Elsewhere, structure contrasted with unexpected glimpses of skin, or with flowing lines.

Sometimes the balance was flipped, making the emphasis on softness, with structure as a counterpoint.

Still other looks showcased pure romance — a cool contrast to Nicolas Kirkwood’s assertive footwear!

Not to go all Rachel Zoe on you, but the plaids and trousers had us reaching for the superlatives.

“DIE.” She tweeted after the show.

The show was so irrepressible and fun, even the Nuke couldn’t keep from cracking a smile.

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