ANTM: Thigh Tension

On last night’s episode, Paulina bitchily told London that her shorts were “not becoming.” It’s true. They weren’t, but it had a lot more to do with that horribly unflattering lit-up runway.

It was noticeable, a few weeks back, that lighting the girls from below in the judging room makes even the slimmest contestants look less than “modelesque”. (You can’t see it in this particular clip, because of the video quality, but HD created an illusion of cellulite that probably isn’t even there, or isn’t even noticeable in a normal setting.) I suppose models are supposed to look good even in shitty lighting, but I seriously doubt that Tyra or Paulina would subject their bare legs to that kind of exposure.

This cycle is boring me to tears. I thought they had the formula for campy entertainment down pat, but I think this cast is just full of duds. However, I do love Allison: she had balls to draw a nosebleed portrait of Tyra.

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