Anyone Else Have Some Moldy-Ass Chobani in Their Fridge?


After addressing the Chobani recall earlier this week, commenters posted disturbing Chobani yogurt photos. Then, we got this email with some more than slightly repulsive photos attached.

The company has made it seem like it was just this one isolated batch from the plant in Idaho. I know that this is not true because I found mold in mine back in the beginning of July. My lid does not have the code 16-012 and I live in Alabama, nowhere near the people who got sick.
I have heard plenty about the carbonated taste and swelling of the yogurt but have not seen any pictures in the news, so I thought you might be interested in mine (see attached). When I first removed the lid it looked completely normal but once I started to stir it I found the mold hidden in the bottom. Thank god I was paying attention and did not eat it!
I contacted Chobani immediately after finding the mold on July 2nd. The expiration date on my lid was July 16th, so it was nowhere near expired. They were very friendly and prompt in their response telling me that they would love to make it up to me and asked for my address. To date, I have not even received a coupon to replace the yogurt that I could not eat. I’ve seen a good amount of people saying that after contacting Chobani they were being sent coupons. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was them!

Check out the photos:

Chobani was recalled because it was “contaminated by a mold associated with dairy products,” and that picture definitely fits the (super gross) bill. It is a good thing she looked at it first — there have been many times I haven’t inspected my yogurt for mold before I dug in. I guess I’m the gullible chump here!

So. What’s up, Chobani? More like Nobani should eat this shit! (You’re gonna have to put some yogurt on that BURN.) (I dunno.) If you’re selling food that is making people sick — or has the obvious potential to — your entire operation needs to be on its A game. If you say you’re replacing the yogurt that’s making people sick, then you sure as shit better actually replace it.

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