Ariel Winter Shuts Down Nasty Instagram Comments Claiming She's 'Asking for It' By Wearing Bikini


Ariel Winter has been very open about her body issues and her choice to have a breast reduction surgery. Unfortunately, users on Instagram—usually the height of propriety—didn’t get the message that just because a woman posts a photo of herself in a bikini doesn’t mean she’s inviting comments on her body.

People reports that Winter, 17, posted a photo of herself having a great time with her toddler nieces on Friday. The photo, which shows the trio on a boat (“she’s on a boat”), was met with backlash from people who have nothing better to do than comment on her looks and her choice to wear a two-piece swimsuit when she’s on vacation.

Winter, however, proved once again that she’s above bullying by posting a retort to the derisive comments on Instagram on Saturday:

It’s sad that so many people out there are willing to be awful to complete strangers just because of the photos they choose to post of themselves . Winter, though, is continuing to be positive about body image issues, reminding girls and women everywhere that while trolls are out there, no one deserves the negative attention they get for their clothing options, nor should anyone internalize it. Instead, Winter points out, people should be celebrating themselves and “sticking together” to spread messages of positivity.

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