Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Rihanna Star in Fake Trailer for Annie


“When you have no choice? How do you Choose?”

One of Sia’s three original compositions for Annie is a collaboration with Beck called “MoonQuake Lake.” It’s a fun islandy-sounding song, but if you listen to the lyrics, there’s something very strange going on. The song tells the story of a rather odd couple: “She’s half fish and he’s all boy.” It goes on to describe the love of a mermaid-type girl who came from the moon and a boy who is from earth, one that was never meant to be. Well, a new trailer has been released for this so-called movie “MoonQuake Lake,” and it’s is ridiculous, awesome, and an immaculate parody.

Apparently the trailer is for a scene in which Annie and Co. attend a movie premiere, but let’s be real—it could definitely hold its own against the bastion of YA romance flicks. Because Phil Lord directed the trailer and because I’m still obsessed with his earlier work Clone High, this trailer totally reminds me of Abe’s short film from the film festival episode with the alien giraffe who plays football. Anyone? Whatever. Anyway, MoonQuake Lake has its own page on Sony’s website (insert Sony leak jokes here) starring two people that vaguely look like Ashton and Mila.

Perfect. Just perfect.

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