Asia Argento Got the Pettiest Tattoo and Said 'Bye Bye' to Rose McGowan

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I must admit it has been hard to parse the internecine drama unfolding between Asia Argento and her former sister in the fight Rose McGowan, only because everything else in the world has been so bad. What I do know is that Rose is mad at Asia and Asia is mad at everyone and now she has a tattoo of a dagger that is supposed to represent revenge. Did that help?

“Bye bye @rosemcgowan,” Argento wrote over an Instagram story of her foot being tattooed with a delicate lil’ dagger, dripping blood. Subtle. Casual. Cool. In case it wasn’t abundantly clear (it wasn’t…) why she got the tattoo and what “Bye bye @rosemcgowan” is supposed to mean, Argento followed it up with another Instagram story, captioned “Signifcato: vendetta consumata,” which Us Weekly informs me is an Italian phrase that means “consumed revenge.” If you didn’t understand the implications behind that and require further clarification, let the Bible verse that Argento invoked clear things up.

“Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written. Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord,” she wrote in her Story. Okay! Got it! Revenge!

Gowan and Argento are butting heads because Gowan released a statement about sexual assault allegations made by Jimmy Bennett against Argento, kicking off a flurry of other accusations and public disagreements involving not only Bennett, but Rain Dove, too. They have not stopped since. They will probably not stop anytime soon.

[Us Weekly]

Here is Blake Lively’s most recent Instagram post, which went up two days ago, and frankly deserves a villanelle of appreciation for: Blake’s suit; that man’s hairy calves; the martini glass in his big meaty hands; and that spotless white kitchen, soon to be sullied with what one can only hope is frantic, passionate lovemaking. This is the story—that’s all the story should be!!—but I guess what is also the story is Ryan Reynoldss comment on the post, described by outlets far and wide as a “brutal troll.”

“He seems nice,” wrote Reynolds. Hardly a troll. Not a troll!! Please, everyone. Make a note. This! Is! Not! How! You! Troll!!

[Page Six]

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