Attorney Celebrates Valentine's Day With Free Divorce Contest


If you’re married but approaching Valentine’s Day with loathing and dread because you’re so, so done with your spouse, there’s at least one attorney who wants to help you out. That’s why he’s running a contest for one free divorce. Ain’t love grand?

Detroit alt weekly MetroTimes reports it’s the brainchild of local lawyer Walter Bentley, who points out plenty of people want to cut ties but can’t afford it. The winner, according to his website, will be chosen based on whoever offers up “the most compelling and convincing story.” The divorce must be uncontested, with (at most) “minimum” child custody issues to work out.

It’s the second time he’s done the contest. Bentley told a local news affiliate that last year, more than a thousand people applied, though only the 600 or so from the Detroit area qualified. “People want to move on. I’m trying to help them have a very happy Valentine’s Day in 2015 by taking care of their past.”

“Valentine’s Day is a tough day for people who are in a relationship that they don’t want to be in,” he added. “So it’s a great way for them to move on.” The man’s got a point!

The deadline is midnight tonight, so if you’re looking to ditch your partner for cheap, you’d better get writing.

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