Australian PM Julia Gillard Backs House Targaryen, Because Dragons


It’s not just us plebs who enjoy a rollicking, premium-cable sex drama — super important world leaders also like to watch hour-long rape and murder spectacles as a diversion from their comparable uninteresting lives. Take Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, for instance, who found herself unexpectedly addicted to Game of Thrones after some “friend” (read: pusher) gave her a whole stack of DVDs last summer.

A politician enjoying GoT makes sense, maybe a little too much sense — it’d be unfortunate to learn that world leaders were getting professional inspiration from a show about treacherous political maneuvering. Gillard even admitted to the Guardian that she doesn’t go for a lot of the show’s fantasy ornamentation, although she has found herself backing House Targaryen after binge-watching the show’s first season. Really, how could she not?

Gillard explained her budding GoT addiction thusly:

I was given the DVDs over the summer period when I did get a little bit of time to watch so I watched them one after the other. I don’t get many lazy afternoons but I managed to have a few and now I am a bit of an addict. I anxiously await the new episode each Monday night. I like it because I think the intrigue between the contending families is enough to sustain the storyline.
I am not usually a consumer of things with fantasy elements in it but I very much enjoy it…
I’m barracking for the khaleesi, the mother of dragons

Really, though, is anyone not backing the khaleesi? I mean, other than this ornery person?


Image via Getty, Cameron Spencer

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