Azealia Banks Is Under Investigation By the LAPD For Allegedly Attacking a Security Guard

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After being kicked out of a Los Angeles night club, Azealia Banks and her friends allegedly beat the hell out of a security guard. But, because it’s usually not a good idea to beat the hell out of a security guard, she’s currently under investigation by the LAPD for “criminal battery.”

Writes TMZ:

Banks and her crew were partying at Break Room 86 in L.A. late last month when she allegedly became unruly and security told her to leave. As Banks approached the front door, security claims she tried pulling the fire alarm.
A security guard grabbed Banks as she was messing with the fire control valves, and that’s when Banks and her crew jumped the guy.

There’s security footage of the incident, but—I’m sorry—no Azealia Banks video will ever be as good as “212.”


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