Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky Is Lobbying for the Vasectomy, Which, Seriously, Guys, Is the Least You Can Do 

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Season six Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky–who is a little annoyed that husband Kevin Manno gets to rejoin society while she takes care of her toddler and baby whom she pushed out of her body, by the way–tells US Weekly that they’re discussing a vasectomy:

We’re talking about vasectomies. Like, we are done. I’ve done enough, OK? I’ve had children, I’ve been through pregnancy, labor. He can do something this time. …The thing is, a vasectomy is reversible.

I mean:

Of course Will Smith is writing a book of “transcendent art” for YOU of stuff he’s been thinking about. If consistent with what he’s been telling us over in the past decade, we’re in for scientological numerological wisdom from on high (Calabasas).

He’s open to the highest bidder.

After Cardi B announced that she’s cancelling their joint tour to focus on spending time with Kulture, TMZ reports that Bruno Mars is struggling to replace her, though he says he understands. But a Bruno Mars tour without Cardi B is, well, I apologize, but…just a Bruno Mars tour.

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