Bachelorette Awkardness Hits Home


Last night, the final four contestants flew to their hometowns with Ashley for the dreaded meeting of the parents, and just as you’d expect, it was filled with skeptical sisters and judgmental mothers. The highlights above are divided by each “Hometown Date” — here is what you need to know about each of them:

  • JP: Ashley’s visit to his hometown in Long Island was pretty successful, despite his mother expressing his concern “as a mother” over and over and over again. His mom was the most concerned about the possibility of her son proposing to Ashley, so she pulled out the most evil trick a Mother has up her sleeve: a photo from his teenage years. Not just any photo, mind you, but a poster-sized print of JP in his mulleted, Doogie Houser-lookalike period that had been signed by all of the attendees at his bar mitzvah. Oy.
  • Constantine: Ashley marveling at Constantine’s workplace was matched only by her love of his Big Fat Greek family. Notably, the trip ended with Ashley dancing with the family, showering in dollar bills from Dimitri, who just so happened to be making it rain. That family sure seems fun?
  • Ben: After giving Ashley a tour of his beautiful winery in Sonoma, Constantine’s clone, Ben, revealed that he’d only brought one woman home to meet his family before now. As a result, his mother and sister were a bit more reserved, and Ben’s sister kept going on about how protective she is of her brother, making sure to point out that the only reason he was there was that she forced him to sign up to be on The Bachelorette in the first place.
  • Ames: Poor Ames might have been dealt the worst hand this season of The Bachelorette: Not only has he endured a trip to the hospital while visiting Thailand and posing for wedding photos with Ashley, but his family really put Ashley through the wringer. But what would you do if the reality show girlfriend your son was “dating” tells both his mother and sister that her “relationship has progressed faster” with the other contestants on the show? Leading the crusade against Ashley (or, perhaps against The Bachelorette and reality shows in general) was Ames’ sister, who just wasn’t convinced whether or not she “had that spark.” And with good reason — at the end of the episode Ashley sent Ames home. We expect to see him on Bachelor Pad or as a future Bachelor (so long as JP doesn’t take it from him.) Update: Almost perfectly on cue, ABC has announced that Ames will be a contestant on Bachelor Pad.
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