Bar Features Hilarious Urinals That Look Like Women's Mouths


Women: don’t you sometimes just want to pee in their mouths?

An Edmonton, Alberta bar is deservedly catching some flack for providing ladymouth-shaped urinals in its men’s bathroom.

The owner of O2’s Taphouse & Grill doesn’t plan on removing the fixtures, though, because they could totally be anyone’s mouth.

“One of my partners thought it was the Rolling Stones’ lips. Another person commented on Facebook and thought they were the Dairy Queen lips. I didn’t think they were women’s lips at all, I just thought they were lips. I thought it would be cool to make a urinal out of a mouth. You know, it would be funny.”

Of course. Bright red lips are so coveted in the male world that men often purchase lipsticks to enhance their natural color. And yes, obviously it’s also the Dairy Queen lips, because nothing says “urinate into me” like the logo of a fast food chain known for soft serve ice cream. If they’re not supposed to be women’s mouths, then why do no Mick Jager-shaped ladies’ toilets exist? Why are we being denied the fun of the golden gargle?

This isn’t the first time these mouth shaped urinals have caused a Canadian cacophony; last year a bar in Ontario removed the fixtures after protest from the public. Stateside in 2004, Virgin Atlantic’s plan to install the oral receptacles in a JFK airport lounge raised the ire of the National Organization for Women. The urinals continue to flourish in other Canadian bars; the owner of O2’s insists that he got his hysterical, totally original, and not at all sexist idea from visiting men’s rest rooms in other Alberta establishments.

Edmonton has also made news recently for a hair salon that bragged that it could make you look awesome even whilst getting punched in the face by your boyfriend. The city also boasts a radio station that promised a contest winner a genuine Russian wife.

What the hell is going on in Edmonton? Did Edmonton’s dad spend all his time gambling on greyhound racing instead of teaching Edmonton how to fish or something?

Controversy Over Urinals [inews880]

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