Barbie's Surprising Resemblance To The Playboy Bunnies Of Her Time


Some parents are up in arms about the latest, tattooed hipster Barbie that’s sure to be a hit this Christmas, but maybe they should channel their anger into this, instead: a chart that makes a pretty interesting case for Barbie’s looks mirroring those of Playboy‘s Playmate of the Year. Oh yes.

Take a look at the side-by-side examples, courtesy the Cheezburger Network’s fashion site If Style Could Kill, and you’ll notice some striking similarities. And yes, I did happen to have 1992’s “Totally Hair Barbie” (apparently modeled after Miss Corinna Harney), but to my knowledge, I just dug her for the extra-poufy bangs and over-sized earrings. Little did I know I was being coerced into becoming a future Playboy Playmate! Too bad it didn’t work out the way that’s implied in this here chart — I’m about as likely to pose for Playboy as the actual Playmates are to take real pleasure from baby oil-filled foreplay with Hugh Hefner. (That is to say, it won’t happen.)

[If Style Could Kill]

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